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Our software solution BEACON is designed to help the Behavioral Health provider manage Group, Substance Abuse and Court Ordered counseling programs while keeping administration costs to a minimum.  Whether its updating and generating Class Rosters, submitting Progress Reports to Agencies or simply keeping track of payments, billing and attendance, we can help keep your costs down while increasing accuracy and productivity. Our strategy is to automate critical and time consuming administrative processes so you can focus on providing services to your clients.

Some of the benefits of BEACON:

  • Improve access and increase accuracy of your data
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative costs
  • Affordable Purchase and Lease plans; pay only for active clients
  • Reduce employee errors and stress
  • Easily customize to fit your needs
  • Tools to monitor and manage your business

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BEACON has an extensive array of features that can take a significant amount of time to review without prior guidance.  If you're short on time, give us a toll free call at 877-720-2600 and we will schedule a personal on-line live demo that can be completed in about 20 minutes.  All you need is a PC with an Internet connection.  We can cut right to the features you need the most and answer your questions during the demo.
If time is not an issue, you can download a free 7 day evaluation version of BEACON or just browse through our training videos on the Downloads page.  Just click on the "Try it Free" button to start the download process.     

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